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Maison d’Aujourd’hui – Spring 2011 – First time in 15 years…

Maison d’Aujourd’hui has been published for the last 15 years and has NEVER published an interior photo on its cover page…until a few days ago!

This shoot was alot of fun. The house was a pleasure to photograph because of all the intetesting angles and perspectives it offered. It also had the most properly colour balanced lighting I’ve ever seen. A pleasure to work with. If only they were all like this!

A full day shoot, from early in the morning until well into the evening hours, yielded so many amazing images. I’m sure my editor had a hard time narrowing it down to the final images.

One interesting note: this shoot took place in the cold and snowy month of January. When we all showed up at the address we were given, we couldn’t believe our eyes… The house was unfinished, and almost completely wrapped in plastic! We were sure it couldn’t possibly be the place! Reluctantly, we rang at the door, and much to our surprise, the interior of the house was not only completely finished, but absolutely AMAZING!

… more pics after the jump.

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