Creating something out of next to nothing

Major Renovations … in Photoshop!

What do you do when you need to promote a new product line that isn’t available on the market, and hasn’t been used on any installations yet? Call mcmphoto!


Earlier this year, I was contacted by a good client to do a photo shoot of a new product line of paving stones. We would photograph the product in studio and insert it into an existing photo, replacing the original wood floor with the new pavers. Simple, or so I thought.

The catch was that only 50 square feet of product had been manufactured and we needed to create a setup large enough to fill an area of approx. 800 sf. Time to get the thinking cap on!

With the perspective all figured out and the camera on a tripod and properly immobilized (people on set were warned that bumping into the camera would be bad, very very bad), we set the pavers up into an area 20′ wide by 4 rows deep, placed the lighting and snapped the first photo. Then we moved all but the 4th row, adjusted the lights and shot again. And again, and again, and again! All told, over 25 photos (and just a little cloning) were used to create enough floor to fill the area needed.


Are we having fun yet? Just in case you’re thought we might need a little more challenge, there was a second camera setup to the left, simultaneously shooting the same pavers from a different angle, in order to insert those frames into a different photo! Including a completely different lighting setup! Many thanks to my photo assistant Olivier and the team of people moving paving stones all day. Good times!


I love my job!


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